MetaSetGO Values

Honesty and Transparency

At MetaSetGO we have cultivated a team committed to honesty at the core of everything we do. For us to be successful, we have to earn the trust of our community and investors. We remain steadfastly committed to being open and available to our supporters and those that have put their commitment in us. While we do not always get everything right, we learn from mistakes and do our absolute best to limit any impact to our investors. We will own our missteps and pledge to learn and improve from them.


We will always work diligently to make this a success. Hard work and dedication cannot be overstated, and in an ever-changing environment like crypto, you have to not only make smart decisions, but many times also have to out grind the competition to achieve ultimate success. The MetaSetGO team is committed to doing just that.


A successful business model and project health are important priorities to the team, therefore we invest a great deal of time and energy to achieve these. The overall success of a business can many times be predicted by their community success. In order to obtain strong community support, we will listen to feedback and make changes as warranted. The MetaSetGO team will always treat the community with respect and prioritize these important relationships. A vibrant community is a necessity in our minds to support a flourishing project. We appreciate our community and will always do what is in your best interests.


A big part of being a gaming company is to bring smiles as well as provide an escape from the challenges and pressures of everyone’s daily lives. We are steadfastly committed to remembering these key points. We clearly recognize that without joy our collective success is impossible. We are in the joy business, so we must always produce utilities that deliver the fun. We are focused on creating as much positive momentum as we can. If we succeed in that then we fully believe that the rest will take care of itself.


We appreciate that our work collectively as a team, in support of each other, impacts not only our efficiency, but our decision making. These crucial factors will determine the success for everyone, so we take them very seriously. We always strive to listen first and treat all team members with the respect they deserve. We have formulated a solid team of contributors bringing a unique set of skills to the business. We understand that success is rarely obtained in isolation. Working as a cohesive unit is an important key to community and investor success and something we hold in high regard.

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