Time Trials

If you are playing a Time Trails game, then you are playing for GO Coins you selected before entering the level and will be competing against previous run times of gamers who have played the same Time Trial level previously for a given week. Each level will have a best run time, which is the person who finishes a given level in the least amount of time. If you have the best time on a given level you will double your GO Coins for that game. Each level will have a best run time determined by previous players and will best time will be reset weekly.


If you are playing Multiplayer games, then each player is contributing to that contests prize pool. A majority of the money paid goes to the players in the way of prizes, with a percentage going to the cost of running the game and supporting those that made the game possible. We do our best to provide the largest share of funds contributed back to those that are playing our games.

Multiple Player game competition will provide payouts for up to eight players. Depending on the number of players in each competition, payouts will vary. A complete breakdown of these payouts and number of winners can be located on the next page.


This mode is purely to get better at the game. This mode is free and there are no prizes.

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