Our first Play2Earn game being released is RumbleGO. This is an obstacle course adventure game that will have anywhere from two players all the way up to 16 players on the same level!

RumbleGO has already released a total of 17 unique nft's of differing quantities and rarity levels that allow you to play as that character in the game. We will introduce you to our Series 1 - GO Cards and Charity Series shortly but for now let us detail the game. RumbleGO will be available on the Apple and Google Play stores initially, with additional popular stores being added in the near future.

In game tokens will be utilized, while blockchain contracts will be employed outside of the game and complete separate from the app stores to buy and sell $MSGO tokens, creating volume and rewards for our dedicated investors. RumbleGO will have the following game play options, so there is something for everyone.

Time Trials

RumbleGO Time Trials are single player with you racing against the clock. No waiting for rooms to fill! Just because you are playing alone doesn't mean there won't be competition! In this style game you will complete against previous gamers best run times and if you beat their run times you multiply your winnings. Beat the best time and you double (2X) the GO Coins you played for. There will also be prizes weekly for those that rank at the top of the leaderboards. Play over and over again with a chance to continually multiply your GO Coins!


Our Multiplayer competitions are obstacle course races with you running against up to 15 other live competitors. You can complete for as little as 25 GO Coins and as many 5000 GO Coins. Beat the competition and increase your GO Coins (see payout page)! Everyone will have skin in the game, and it will increase the excitement level!


The RumbleGO Practice allows for you to run a game level without any pressure. No prizes are paid in this mode, but it also is free to play. Use this mode to get comfortable with the controls and hone your skills. After you feel confident you can play for GO Coins against live competition!

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