Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1 โ€“ Fun and Simple

At MetaSetGO we are building games based on research of the most successful gaming styles in the already mature spaces that are not necessarily Play2Earn. We have found that quick, social, multiplayer, obstacle course style games are popular. There are some obvious competitors, which we will not name here. With attention levels dwindling, from the likes of phones and social media apps, we appreciate the need for games to be simple and quick. In order to appeal to the widest audience, we are focused on quick playing games that can be completed in just a few minutes time and do not require complex rules and gameplay. Our first game for example will provide key and distinct advantages over the competition. For one, our games will live on the blockchain, so thereโ€™s full transparency. We of course will be providing access to our games through the Apple and Google Play stores, but some of our direct competitors still haven't. You might be saying, lots of games are on the app stores, and you are right. The difference with MetaSetGO is we are providing a game play experience that meets all of the requirements of these stores, as well as providing a seamless contract system that allows gamers to earn crypto at the same time, without the red tape and hurdles. So, what about the FUN? We have built a gaming experience that will be fun for all ages! Keep reading and you will see where we are bringing the fun and excitement.

Challenge #2 โ€“ In-Game Economy

When developing Play2Earn games you need to create in-game economies that are planned out and can be sustainable. Many games have not thought this through and eventually leads to their game being cannibalized by a few players getting all the benefits or the game cannot provide enough value to the competitors to make playing them worthwhile. If your game cannot cover the overhead to run the game, cannot provide meaningful prizes, and do it in a way that consistently delivers over the long run then your game will eventually fail. We have taken all of this into account and are ready to deliver games that will function as a self-sustaining engine which, in turn, will deliver for both players of the games and the investors of MetaSetGO. We have created a model where everyone can win, even losing in our first game has the potential to make you a winner! How great is that!

Challenge #3 - Game Quality and Fairness

A game with poor overall qualities such as not eliminating bugs, testing thoroughly enough, and providing unfair advantages can substantially ruin a good game, and with that the fun gaming experience that should be had by all. If you are not playing in free mode, our games will be played for prize money and with that, comes a duty to provide fair gameplay. Each player must know that they have equal opportunity to win, without advantages or disadvantages. We deliver this 100%, and all of our players are real competitors. We do not use bots to fill our competitions and have implemented unique game fill capabilities, so our players are not waiting too long for their next competition. We will not allow the player with the most disposable income to buy special powers and get an unfair advantage over the competition. In our games you will have to play and improve your skills if you want to have a better chance to win!

Challenge #4 - Marketing Strategy

Game success can many times come down to exposure. A successful game needs lots of attention and that means expanding well beyond the exceedingly small crypto community. In the video games segment, the number of users is expected to grow to 3.04b by 2027. This is a vast number, but those holding crypto is only at 4.2% or 420m people in our global population. It is obvious but tailoring a game to those in crypto is shortsighted and will not lead to mass adoption. Our games can be played by anyone, and you do not need to know anything about cryptocurrency or the metaverse to experience the fun. All you need is an app store account and the desire to have fun and compete. We will market globally through innovative strategies to ensure MetaSetGO and our games like RumbleGO are well known.

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