In-game Currency

GO Coins

GO Coins is how we refer to in-game tokens. The buy-in currency of the Time Trial and Multiplayer games will be GO Coins, which is what winners will receive as their prize as well.

One GO Coin will always have a value of $0.01. One US dollar is worth one hundred GO Coins. Tokens in the game will equate directly to value, so even though in game tokens do not have inherent value, they do when cashing out into crypto and we will always maintain this ratio of one cent per GO Coin.

How to purchase GO Coins

FIAT can be used to purchase GO Coins from within RumbleGO. Players can use their credit card to purchase GO Coins directly. Alternatively players can connect their wallet to our Dapp on our website and use MetaSetGO's native token $MSGO to exchange for GO Coins.

Funds received from credit card purchases (excluding app store fees) will be used to purchase $MSGO directly from Pancakeswap. This is key for $MSGO and our holders as it means we will constantly be providing reward generating volume.

How to withdraw GO Coins

In order to withdraw GO Coins, players must connect their wallet to our Dapp on our website. Using the Withdraw options, the smart contract will then send $MSGO from the Rumble Treasury and exchange the GO Coin dollar ratio (100 GO Coins = $1) for $MSGO tokens, less the 5% tax.

Example withdrawal: Player chooses to withdraw 1000 GO Coins.

The fixed rate of GO Coins to the dollar is 100:1, so that values 1000 GO Coins at $10

Based on the current price of $MSGO, player will receive $10 worth of $MSGO.

Example price of $MSGO: $0.01 x $10 (1000 GO Coins) = 1000 $MSGO

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