GO Cards

GO Card NFTs are available for purchase in RumbleGO and on our website https://msgo.io to modify your character. The rarity levels for GO Cards – Series 1 are as follows. NFT costs on the app stores are 15% higher than the website to pay for the service fee charged by Apple and Google. We don't make any additional revenue if NFTs are purchased in the app.

Ava / Rex / Shiba

Fun – Qty. 200/$15 each

Flame / Ninja / Whispurr

Epic – Qty. 160/$20 each

Doc / HQ / SWAT

Legendary – Qty. 120/$25 each

Jokester / Mountie / Vet

Endangered – Qty. 100/$30 each

Pet Detective / Sprinkle

Diamond – Qty. 80/$50 each

Bojana Jovanovic / Zunanaut Explorer

*Charity - Qty. 300/$11 each

GG Soldier

All proceeds from charity NFTs will go directly to charitable organizations for distribution to important causes.

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